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Modeling Glass Safety


When working with dry Modeling Glass, wear a mask or respirator as you would with any loose powder. Do this when mixing it with glass powders, or when sanding a dry piece before firing.

Wear eye protection when cold working any glass, including fired Modeling Glass pieces.

The ingredients in MG are food-grade and non-toxic; however, gases are emitted during the burn-off stage that you may find irritating. Fire MG in a well-ventilated room.

Modeling Glass ingredients are rated as non-irritating to the skin; however, if you experience sensitivity, consider wearing gloves during handling.

At left: Summer of Storms, Modeling Glass applied as an impasto paste using a palette knife, to a background of Buslleye Glass Steel Blue Opal, fired to 1275 degrees F for 10-minute hold.

Powdered Binder SDS
Liquid Medium SDS
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