Here are two views of the draping form, which makes a mask large enough to wear on your face!

Mardi Gras Style Draping Form


When you absolutely have got to make a mask, this is the mold to use. This brand new draping form was custom designed by Lois Manno and can be used with either Modeling Glass or regular sheet glass. 

The dimensions of the mask are as follows: 8.5"w x 10"h x 2.25"d. The design is based on my original ceramic piece, and the forms were fabricated by Creative Paradise. 

Use the handy PDF template at right to create the perfect shape of half mask to fit the draping form. Watch the YouTube video here for more instructions on using the form!

Available through the following glass suppliers:

AAE Glass

Anything in Stained Glass

D&L Art Glass Supply

Ed Hoy's International

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