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Demo video: making shapes with Modeling Glass

QUICK TIP: To achieve the brightest white, set your peak temperature to 1325 and extend the hold to one hour!

In this video Modeling Glass creator Lois Manno will show you how easy it is to make unique shapes with Modeling Glass. The possibilities are nearly endless!


Modeling Glass can be rolled out into a flat sheet for cutouts, rolled into coils, sculpted free-form, or spread with a palette knife for textural surfaces.

Attention: The mixing instructions for Modeling Glass were developed for use with Bullseye Glass powders. The ratio for mixing Modeling Glass with Spectrum/Uroboros or other powders is slightly different. INCREASE BINDER from
2 1/2 level teaspoons (6g) to 1 level tablespoon (7g). INCREASE WATER from 1/4 cup plus
2 teaspoons (60g) to 1/4 cup plus
2 1/4 teaspoons (70g). That's it!

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