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Small Batch Modeling Glass!

Several artists have wanted to know about scaling the mixing of Modeling Glass to make a smaller amount of any color. This is easy to do because the recipe scales up or down proportionately. Here are the instructions for making just one tablespoon of color:


1 tablespoon glass powder of your choice

1/4 teaspoon Powdered Binder

1 1/2 teaspoons water

1/8 teaspoon Liquid Medium


Follow the directions in the Starter Kit for details. If you want the material to be slightly drier, add a pinch more glass powder; if you want it to be more moist, sprinkle a few drops of water onto the ball and knead it in.


I often do this when I'm making multiple elements that I will then use to make an image like this 7" x 9" Spring Tulip panel (above).

The Starter Kit contains one 3.5-ounce jar of powdered binder and one 2-ounce bottle of liquid medium, plus an instruction sheet. This kit can be mixed with glass powder to make over 3 pounds of Modeling Glass.


Additional Modeling Glass refills are available in larger sizes:  4-ounce bottles of Liquid Medium and 7-ounce jars of Powdered Binder.


This PDF is the instruction sheet that comes in each Modeling Glass Starter Kit, with tools list, mixing directions, firing schedule, and recommendations for storage.

Ask your favorite fused glass supply retailer for Modeling Glass!

Attention: The mixing instructions for Modeling Glass were developed for use with Bullseye Glass powders. The ratio for mixing Modeling Glass with Spectrum/Uroboros or other powders is slightly different. INCREASE BINDER from 2 1/2 level teaspoons (6g) to 1 level tablespoon (7g). INCREASE WATER from 1/4 cup plus 2 teaspoons (60g) to 1/4 cup plus 2 1/4 teaspoons (70g). That's it!

How does Modeling Glass Work?

You can turn glass powder into a moldable, sculptable material similar to clay using the two-part Modeling Glass Starter Kit. The Powdered Binder is a food-grade, nontoxic cellulose-based material that reacts with water as a thickener. The Liquid Medium is also food-grade and nontoxic, and combines with water to give body and smoothness to the Modeling Glass, while preventing stickiness. Both the Binder and the Liquid Medium burn away during firing, leaving pure glass behind.

The sculpted owl head at right is made with all Modeling Glass, and was created in just two firings. It is about 4" across and 1/4" thick. No molds were used, it was sculpted free-form.

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