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This Mask Draping Form is featured in my Mask tutorials and workshops. Designed from my original ceramic sculpture and fabricated by Creative Paradise, this high-quality form is large and versatile. The dimensions of the mask are as follows: 8.5"w x 10"h x 2.25"d. You can vary the shape of the mask you make or follow the contour of the form.


A free pdf template is available on the Modeling Glass website to help you plan your design. Use this to cut your mask out of a sheet of Modeling Glass, or build your design on top of a special 3mm precut blank made from Bullseye clear or white Tekta.



Mask Draping Form

SKU: M-1
  • This mold is necessary to create the Mardi Gras-style half-mask project featured in the Milkweed Arts Video “Exploring Modeling Glass: Making a Mask”. It is recommended that this mold be lightly primed with a glass-release spray, such as Zyp Mold Release or other Boron Nitride spray. The glass separator brand “Hi Temp Slide” does not work with this mold. To watch a video on how to spray glass release on a mold, visit the Creative Paradise Glass website. 

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